An extremely skillful and talented artist, specializing in traditional tattooing with a huge oriental influence. Nowadays his style is developing into a combination of dark, mystic, Asian, and modern art. 

His influence in tattoo art is mostly Filip Leu and Ivan Szasi among others. Kiko Lopes comes from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where he spent most of his childhood on the beach, surfing, skateboarding, camping, and climbing. He has always been into drawing and with the help of his family started to attend art school as a child. While in school he bought a tattoo machine from one of his colleagues and went straight to his bedroom to practice and learn about himself. In 2001, he moved to New York to discover new styles and learn new skills, where he discovered Japanese tattooing and graffiti as his side hobby.  

When not tattooing, Kiko is painting. He also enjoys practicing yoga being a huge admirer of Jaggi Vasudev and loves spending time in nature, breakbeats, jazz, and sipping red wine as well as progressing with his studies of sacred geometry and medicinal cannabis. 

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