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Maria is highly appreciated for her spectacular skills in illustrative and ornamental blackwork. She believes in hard work and dedication and invests passion and endless curiosity in her art.  

Maria tries to create a bridge between western graphic styles such as medieval iconography, art deco, art nouveau, etc., and classic Asiatic art such as Japanese, Chinese and Korean paintings and patterns. She is particularly interested in folklore and mythology and often takes inspiration from these to use in her work.  

Maria has a twin sister, they were born and raised in south Catalunya, Spain. She has a strong artistic legacy running through her family, her home was always full of collections of paintings, books, and music. Many of her forebears were artists themselves and she feels a connection to them through her creative process. (Joan Llaverias- painter, illustrator, and pioneer in the art of engraving and lino printing in Catalunya in the 1900s; grandfather Joaquim Amat Piniella, is best known for writing K.L.Reich a harrowing story of life in a WW2 concentration camp, based on his own experience as a prisoner in Mauthausen concentration camp during the Second World War.)  

Maria studied Fashion Design in Tarragona and Arts and Design in Barcelona. She also studied music for over 10 years. One of the highlights of her job is involving her customers in the creative process, ensuring their ideas are an integral part of the finished artwork.  

When is not tattooing, Maria loves to practice guitar, to release some stress with a good workout, and to enjoy good vermouth with mates.