About Us

Sacred Gold

We believe that the process of getting tattooed must be a unique experience; that’s why we treat customer service as necessary as an excellent tattoo. From a small first-time tattoo up to large scale pieces, they all deserve the same attention, care and respect.


Our resident artists together, with our many regular guest artists from around the world, can compose and detail many different styles of tattoo from across the whole spectrum including Japanese, Traditional Japanese, Portraits, Lettering, Dotwork, Fine lines, New School, Manga and comics and many more, always to the highest quality.


Sacred Gold offers an inspiring, friendly and hygienic environment, where our disciplined and confident team can perform beautiful artwork on the skin, whilst gaining and respecting the trust of our clients. 

Our customers leave our studio with more than ink on their skin, they go home with a feeling of accomplishment and pride that will accompany them forever.         

We love what we do, tattooing is our ultimate passion.