Sandro Secchin

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The talented watercolor master, he describes his style as ‘Freedom’. Sandro loves to mix different styles, add a bit of his soul and create special and personalized tattoos. His inspiration comes from music, art in general, nature, and all the amazing artists he works with every day.  

In his own words, ‘I’m open and accessible to all clients and their beliefs, a fair trade for the trust they have on me to mark their skin for life’ 

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, he graduated in design and started tattooing back in 1999. As a kid, he used to draw characters with tattoos, so once he became an adult, it felt pretty natural to become a tattoo artist.  

When not tattooing, Sandro likes to paint, draw and practice sports such as triathlon, indoor climbing, and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.  

He loves rock music and lives performances. Hence the choice of name for his two cats: 

Black and Sabbath!  

Also, Luis Fernando Veríssimo and Charles Bukowski are his favorite authors to read before sleeping.