Meet Shanji, our talented tattoo artist from Poços de Caldas, Brazil. Having called London home for the past 18 years, Shanji career began in 2019 after completing his apprenticeship at Black Garden Tattoo.

Shanji’s creations take inspiration from the universe and the beauty of nature, the flows and rhythms of life, learning from the seasons and their new offerings.

With a love for simple designs, vibrant colours and bold lines, he crafts designs that resonate with clients, leaving a lasting imprint that goes beyond skin deep. For Shanji, tattooing is not just a profession but a lifelong love affair, committed to ensuring each piece tells a unique story.

Beyond the studio, Shanji is a painter, nature enthusiast, photographer, and advocate for animal rights. With a passion for science fiction and a heart for family, friends, and furry companions. Shanji’s world is a canvas of creativity and connection.

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