Specialized in lettering and dark lettering.  

When asked to describe her style in tattooing, Angel would say ‘it would be as if Dark and Chicano style had a baby’ 

Her influences in tattoo art are Angel Bustos, Nerok, Weeman, Edgy, Gromov, and Theosone. Easy going, chatty, and a huge animal lover, Angel shares the Christian faith and is a regular member of her local church. 

Angel was born in Rio de Janeiro and grew up in Cabo Frio, Brazil. She had a happy childhood on the beach and one day she saw people doing henna tattoos and fell in love straight away with the idea of painting people’s bodies. Then at school, she started to draw on herself with sharpie pens, an at the age of 15, she began giving people henna tattoos herself. 

When not tattooing, Angel loves to practice sports and she’s got impressive achievements in bodybuilding and powerlifting [IFBB figure begs Olympia LDN 2019 /BGWLC Powerlifting [DP1]]. Angel also enjoys painting graffiti designs throughout London and other cities in the UK. 

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