Born in England and raised in Canada. Marie is a notorious artist in the neo-pop-realism in central London who has been tattooing for 11 years. It’s something she always wanted to do as it seemed fun, cool, and free. She loves doing pet portraits as ’they are always different and are original photos’. 

She also likes doing movie portraits, video game themes, Cartoons, Manga, and Comic characters. Undersealing[DP2] , she still wants to dive more into neo-realism style, where she adds fun cartoon elements and bubble letters/graffiti and stickers, and comic book styles all integrated with the photorealism. Marie’s skills can’t be captured in one single label or style, her art soul is larger than life. 

In her spare time, Marie likes to paint with different media such as oils and acrylic on wood and canvas. Marie is also a bass guitar player in several local bands, where she engages with a busy schedule of concerts throughout London and other major cities in England. 

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