Matt Hews


Growing up in Dublin, Matt began hanging out in tattoo studios at 15 yo, and he did his first tattoo just one year later. Being young and eager to learn as much as possible about art, Matt moved to Galway, where he studied fine art painting for six years and continued to tattoo his fellow students.

Matt began his apprenticeship and professionally started tattooing in 2011, starting his career in Galway. Later he jumped ship to London’s Evil From The Needle in 2015, and since then, he has actively been part of the London tattoo scene.

The foundation of his style began in traditional tattoos, taking influence from bold and graphic works of artists like Bert Grimm.
These days Japanese inspired motifs and illustrative and brutal imagery have become more central to his body of work, retaining a traditional feel in his personalized take and style.

Matt describes his style as a form of “Savage Beauty”, where structure, flow, chaos, and beauty collide.

Besides tattooing, Matt paints as a passion, actively plays music, and tours internationally in various bands.
He regularly works internationally doing guest pots and attending conventions all around Europe, North America, most of the UK and Ireland.

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