João Bosco


Known for his dark fantasy/oriental-inspired artwork. Snakes, skulls, chrysanthemums, and dragons are the main symbols of his work trying to describe the alchemical relationship between life and death. By inscribing images of mortality onto skin, Joao’s work is a meditative process that both acknowledges and confronts the inevitability of death. His main references from the tattoo scene are Filip Leu, Mauricio Teodoro, Greg Irons, William Yoneyama, and Junior Goussain.  

Joao Bosco was born in the ’80s in Manaus - Amazon. His first contact with art was through comic books during his childhood. Right there and then he started to copy the drawings and make comics of his own. This was his main art school hands down! Just before his teenage years he discovered heavy metal music and fell in love with the album covers straight away. As a proper teenager, he started playing bass guitar and joined several local metal bands. That’s when he started to visit the local tattoo shops in town and got his first tattoo. 

When he is not tattooing, Joao loves to exercise, play guitar, and draw. He is also known for his passion for traveling.

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