A rebel without a clue, that’s how he likes to present himself, Mauro is also well known and appreciated for his tattoo works in generic black and grey, realistic, chicano, and dark styles.  

He treats his clients with kindness and patience and makes them feel at ease while inking them a masterpiece. His tattooing style was highly inspired by Bob Tyrrell, but he also absorbed a lot of things from other great artists. His portfolio includes generic black and grey, realistic, religious, Chicano, and lots of animals.  

He enjoys doing big pieces, which are the most of his works, as much as small single needles old school theme and small mini portraits.  

Outside tattooing, Mauro loves painting and playing bass guitar. He used to play in a London-based hardcore band SHR for a few years.  

Mauro is a huge pet lover and guardian. Cujo, his dog, has been by his side for 15 years. He got stollen when he was 3 y.o. and Mauro hired a private detective and spent a fortune to find him. Now Mauro has adopted a cat left behind by his next-door neighbor. His name is KAMASUTRA 🙂  

Favorite books: Moby Dick; Neverending story; The dirt. Favorite movies: Scarface, Goodfellas, The Godfather, Rocky 1& 2, Predator, and Grease. Favorite music: Elvis, Bruce Springsteen, Sex Pistols, Sisters of Mercy, Billy Idol, etc.

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