A highly spiritual and explorative artist tattooing in a mix of dark psychedelic and Japanese styles. Fernando’s portfolio plumbs the depths of ancient wisdom, its interpretation of the life/death cycle, transformation, and rebirth. He believes everyone is part of divine creation, that we must learn and grow spiritually through the journey of life itself. 

Fernando was born in Carazinho-RS, a small town in South Brazil. As a kid, he loved drawing. When he was 10, he saw a tattoo magazine and became fascinated by a Spaulding-Rogers tattoo machine. He instantly knew this would be his path. At 14, he built a tattoo machine and started to work at his parents’ garage doing tattoos for friends and has not stopped tattooing since.  

Fernando has found his path in the shamanic culture, and ayahuasca was the key to changing his life and influencing his work. He says it helped him to grow as a human and expand his consciousness.  

When he’s not tattooing, Fernando rides his motorbike, and he also likes painting on canvas and to spend time in nature and with his family at home. 

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