Helena Velazquez


Born in Barcelona, Spain, Helena's background has been predominantly self-made, sketching nature motifs and human figures using a pencil and Bic pen. Her apprenticeship took place in Santiago, Chile, in 2016, but the actual tattooing career took off upon moving to London at the end of 2017.

Helena ‘artsy’ journey started with designing mandalas and selling them during travels to finance her trips before even considering tattooing. Shortly after starting tattooing in 2018, she decided to return to her natural drawing style—sketching.

Her inspiration is drawn from nature: flows, shapes, and textures, as well as abstract art, graffiti, and some illustrators and tattoo artists such as Derek Hess, L'Oiseau, and even the architect Antoni Gaudi.

The most important for Helena is finding the balance between everything involved, considering the client's idea, her personal interpretation, the body's flow, and correct execution. She has a preference for large pieces, as this allows her to freehand and ensure the tattoo flows with the shapes and movement of the body. However, she is keen to take on board smaller tattoos as well. 

Her artistic approach involves combining figurative illustrations with abstract textures and shapes. She also has a passion for dark calligraphy, and particularly enjoys merging both styles.

Besides tattooing, Helena loves going out in nature, cycling, travelling and exploring other kinds of art like sculpture or wall art. 

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