Marcos Ribeiro


Since 1990, Marcos Ribeiro has been inking up Miami, San Diego, Rio and London, learning that the ingredients of a good tattoo can only reach their full potential when the language used is one that meshes with the shape and location on the body.

For Marcos, communication with his customer's vision and technical boundaries are essential, allowing the end result to both empower and decorate, commemorate and remind of the passing of time.

Style, in his words, is like a language and cannot be copied. His background brings with it a pocketful of experience, yet Marcos continues to research, paint, study and evolve within his crafts, pressing on regardless of the technologies he uses (whether that be oils, watercolor, charcoal, fire or computers) for his larger works.

Of course, it's been his love affair with tattooing since he got his first one at 18 that's taken him on his journey of 34 years, and it seems, will never end.

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